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Welcome to the Overdose Prevention Strategies website!

The National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators, Inc. (NADDI) is proud to partner with so many wonderful stakeholders.

NADDI is a unique membership organization that was established in 1989. Our members are primarily responsible for investigating and prosecuting incidents of pharmaceutical drug diversion, but as the organization has grown, so has our mission. Providing awareness and education to our communities is our strength.

The website is a unique NADDI Initiative provided to assist individuals in their search for assistance and answers for the ongoing Opioid Crisis which is occurring in their neighborhoods and across the United States.  The website was initiated in 2017 as a valuable resource tool and is updated on a routine basis as new information is received. Networking is a key element in the NADDI mission!

NADDI has proven to be a valuable asset to law enforcement, the pharmaceutical industry, health regulatory personnel, and community coalitions by facilitating working partnerships that bring necessary resources to the diverse areas of pharmaceutical drug misuse and abuse. While our efforts have made significant impacts in numerous areas across the U.S., the evidence of the increasing opioid overdose crisis illustrates that we need to focus on a more comprehensive approach.

During the course of our mission, we routinely encounter varied stakeholders at all levels that are making diligent strides to combat this burgeoning public health crisis. At the same time NADDI is challenged to identify the most effective measures in existence.  While it is obvious that no single measure can resolve the problems we face, we have come to realize that the diversity of techniques utilized across the United States may possibly be hindering many successful programs. It is the existing fragmented approach that pushes many core issues from one area to the next. If the problems cannot be contained, how can they be solved?

With this in mind, NADDI has attempted to identify, state by state, the resources and programs that are currently in existence, and ultimately locate the best practices in effect. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the approach to the development of a model overdose prevention program.  This important step can only be accomplished by first identifying the solid multi-faceted tactics that are gaining ground, and then adopting these measures as a complete package.

Please help us to identify the efforts in your community. Together we have strength and fuel hope to those in need.


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