MN: Drug task force warns of dangerous new synthetic drug

The CEE-VI Drug and Gang Task Force which serves Chippewa and neighboring counties has been working to raise public awareness about a new synthetic drug circulating in the local area for the last couple of months.

Sergeant Ross Ardoff, the commander of the task force, says the new synthetic drug is extremely dangerous because the amount of Fentanyl contained in the pills can vary widely, and in many cases, may contain lethal amounts of the drug. “They’re pressed pills. They’re manufactured with no regulation,” says Sergeant Ardoff. “You don’t really know what you’re getting inside the pill, whether you purchase it from someone or get it online. Fentanyl in and of itself is extremely dangerous.”

This image provided by the Drug Task Force shows the difference between the real and fake oxycodone that has been circulating around the community.

The CEE-VI Drug and Gang Task Force recently circulated the accompanying photo on social media, exhibiting the difference between the real and synthetic versions of the drug. “The overall power of the drug is what makes it so dangerous,” Ardoff says. “The fact that it takes just a tiny amount of Fentanyl to put you into overdose and kill you as opposed to less powerful drugs like morphine.” The drug has appeared in the local area recently, and Ardoff notes that in that short time “we’ve had a couple of overdoses.” He further noted that the task force had worked hard to fight the drug’s grip on the community— and have already “figured out who the suppliers were, got some controlled buys into the suppliers and executed some search warrants.”

One of the aspects of the work that Elkington does in the community to make sure Naloxone gets into the hands of those that need it is advocating for people who know someone struggling in active addiction to understand the stigma attached to addiction. “I think the most important thing is the stigma. People can think that by having Naloxone you’re encouraging people to use and that’s probably the biggest myth that we experience in advocacy. The mentality that if you keep reviving people they’re just going to keep using is wrong. The reality is that if you don’t revive them, they’re dead and if they’re dead they can’t recover. I’ve known people that have been revived with Naloxone ten times and went on to recovery and continued to work years in recovery and have helped others. It’s always about saving lives. That’s it. You can’t recover if you’re dead,” she says.

Shortly after Elkington’s daughter Casey’s death, Shelly approached the Montevideo Police Chief about carrying Naloxone in the squad cars. “That’s a really big deal because they can get there so much faster in an emergency. Within a very short time of them carrying Naloxone they actually had a reversal, so it works,” she says. The Montevideo Police Department and Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department still carry Naloxone in their squad cars to this day. “I think it’s important the general public knows they can carry it too,” Elkington says. “You may think you’ll never need it, but you never know. You could have addiction in your family and not know—it could be your sister’s child, your neighbor, frankly even your mom and dad,” Elkington noted. What Elkington most wants to emphasize is that some of the most important work lay in relating the disease of addiction. Elkington expressed that one of the biggest hurdles could be overcome simply by “starting to override some of the myths about it being a choice people make. Addiction is a chemical biological condition that is very difficult for a lot of people to overcome.”

CEE-VI Drug and Gant Task Force Commander Ardoff emphasizes that those who are aware of someone dealing or possessing these lethal new drugs should report it to their local police department or the drug task force immediately. “Give us a call so we can deal with it so it doesn’t turn into something horrific,” Ardoff says.

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