Treatment Alternatives for Safe Communities [TASC]

Center for Health and Justice, CHJ

TASC’s Center for Health and Justice is a national leader in criminal justice and behavioral health policy.

A team of experts, in partnership with program leaders, policymakers, and researchers across the country, offers solutions to improve community health, reduce rearrest, and save money.

Rebuilding lives and working for broad-scale solutions. For more than four decades, TASC, Inc. has advocated for individuals and families affected by substance use and mental health conditions.

We provide direct services, policy solutions, and consulting in order to give people and communities the tools they need to achieve positive and lasting change.

Across Illinois and nationally, TASC applies our expertise in individualized care and broad-scale solutions to promote public health, examine the impact of public policies, and encourage initiatives that safely divert people out of the justice system and into care in the community. Through these and other strategies, we help build a safer, more just, and healthier society.

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