Trash Cans

Law enforcement has seen them in the Washington D.C. and Baltimore metro areas since 2019, and they are becoming an increasing trend. What you should know about “trash cans” and how these plastic capsules, haphazardly packed with deadly fentanyl, can kill.

What are “trash cans”?

trash can vial sized against a penny

On local streets, these capsules of varying colors and sizes are called “trash cans.” Sold as many different drugs, they are often haphazardly packed with fentanyl, an opioid so potent that just a tiny amount can cause a fatal overdose to even the most seasoned drug user. DEA Washington and its partners have found them in Baltimore, D.C., New Jersey, and Philadelphia. With fear this new drug threat is spreading across the nation. (8/13/21 DEA Alert)

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