Supervised Injection Site [SIS]

Supervised Consumption Services, Safe or Supervised Injection Facilities, Drug Consumption Rooms

Supervised injection sites (SIS) are medically supervised facilities designed to provide a hygienic environment in which drug addicts are able to consume illicit recreational drugs intravenously. The legality of such a facility is dependent by location and political jurisdiction. They are currently illegal in the United States.

In Vancouver Canada supervised consumption services (SCS) are provided in legally sanctioned facilities that allow people to consume pre-obtained drugs under the supervision of trained staff and are designed to reduce the health and public order issues often associated with public drug consumption. They are also called overdose prevention centers, safe or supervised injection facilities (SIFs), and drug consumption rooms (DCRs).

There are approximately 120 SCS currently operating in ten countries around the world (Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Switzerland) – but none in the U.S.

Facility staff members do not directly assist in consumption or handle any drugs brought in by clients, but are present to provide sterile injection supplies, answer questions on safe injection practices, administer first aid if needed, and monitor for overdose. This is particularly pertinent to fentanyl because the onset of overdose is rapid and waiting for an ambulance may mean death or permanent brain damage due to lack of oxygen. SCS staff also offer general medical advice and referrals to drug treatment, medical treatment, and other social support programs.

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