Kit Check


Kit Check’s focus is helping pharmacists improve operational efficiency, patient safety, and medication visibility throughout the hospital. Since 2012, more than 400 hospitals have implemented a Kit Check solution to tens of millions of medications annually.

  • Automated Medication Tray Management – Kit Check’s automated medication tray and cart management system saves up to 96% of restocking time and reduces error rates to zero, compared to manual processes. Manage your pharmacy inventory throughout the hospital in crash carts, dispensing cabinets, anesthesia workstations, the OR, and more. With Kit Check, managing hospital medication shortages and recalls is much faster and easier.
  • Controlled Substance Monitoring – Bluesight for Controlled Substances gives you item-level visibility into the data from your ADC’s, the EMR, and other systems, and conducts 100% hospital pharmacy audits in real-time, all driven by data science analytics. This controlled substance tracking and drug diversion detection solution surfaces anomalous behavior patterns throughout the hospital to allow you to get ahead of possible risks.

For more information about Kit Check, visit their website.

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