Phenethylline, Fenetylline, Captagon

Fenethylline is a codrug of amphetamine and theophylline that behaves as a prodrug to both of the aforementioned drugs.

It is also spelled phenethylline and fenetylline; other names for it are amphetamin​oethyl​theophylline and amfetyline. The drug was marketed for use as a psychostimulant under the brand names Captagon, Biocapton, and Fitton.

Abuse of fenethylline of the brand name Captagon is common in the Middle East, and counterfeit versions of the drug continue to be available despite its illegality.

Many of these counterfeit “Captagon” tablets actually contain other amphetamine derivatives that are easier to produce, but are pressed and stamped to look like Captagon pills. Some counterfeit Captagon pills analysed do contain fenethylline however, indicating that illicit production of this drug continues to take place.

Fenethylline is a popular drug in Western Asia, and is allegedly used by militant groups in Syria.

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