alpha-Piperidinobutiophenone [a-PipBP]

This cathinone is related to a number of previously reported cathinones such as alpha-pyrrolidinobutiophenone (α-PBP), a popular butyrophenone. α-PBP is a stimulant developed in the 1960’s that has been reported as an NPS in the previous decade.

α-PBP, similar to other cathinones including α-PVP and MDPV, is reported to block dopamine and norepinephrine transporters and is
demonstrated to have locomotor stimulant activity in mice.

limited Information is available on this substance use/abuse.

National Forensic Laboratory Information System (NFLIS):
Three exhibits submitted to NFLIS confirmed the presence of αPipBP. The first two exhibits were submitted in August of 2017, while the third exhibit was submitted in February of 2018. All three exhibits were reported to be in liquid form and were seized in Georgia.

In January 2021, samples from individuals under court-ordered urinalysis in Alabama were recently submitted to NFLIS.

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