A new stimulant drug called “Alpha-D2Pv” is now on the market, and it is already causing concern among law enforcement officials. This drug is a derivative of “flakka“, which was previously popular in the South Florida area. Flakka is known for causing hallucinations and making users act out violently. Flakka had been making its way into other parts of the country, and is being labeled as a dangerous new stimulant drug.

Alpha-D2Pv is legal in most countries, including the united States. The drug can be bought easily on the open web.

March 4, 2022 Alert from the NDEWS Web Monitoring Team: Online mentions of Alpha-D2PV

What was found? A subreddit discussion trend for the drug Alpha-D2PV peaked in late 2021.

To what does Alpha-D2PV refer? Alpha-D2PV is a stimulant drug in the cathinone class. It was first introduced in 2020.

How is it being discussed? Commenters note the drug’s similarity to and potential role as a replacement for the popular cathinone stimulant α-PVP (flakka) in online marketplaces.

Drug Terms: Alpha-D2PV, A-D2PV.

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