ADB-BUTINACA is a synthetic cannabinoid (“K2″/”Spice”) first identified in 2019.

ADB-BUTINACA has been found in powders, pills, and drug residues.

The following information was reported in a September 2021 Massachusetts Public Health Alert:

Samples containing ADB-BUTINACA were detected across three jurisdictions in Massachusetts (Boston, Revere & Lawrence) from April 2021 to August 2021. The samples were sold as dope/heroin/fentanyl or Xanax bars. Nearly all contained fentanyl and 4-fluorofentanyl, a potent fentanyl analogue. ADB-BUTINACA is manufactured in clandestine laboratories and is not cut or packaged
in a standard fashion. Potency varies widely for the end user.

It is difficult to identify ADB-BUTINACA without analytical testing. ADB-BUTINACA typically appears as a beige or yellowish powder and readily blends into other available street drugs. Small quantities of ADB-BUTINACA in a sample make it difficult to identify since other components can mask identifiers such as color, smell, and taste.

Synthetic cannabinoids like ADB-BUTINACA are usually sprayed onto plant material or put into blotter paper and smoked. They can also be vaped or consumed orally. For the ADB-BUTINACA containing samples sold as street dope, people were injecting them. Consumers did not report knowing about the presence of ADB-BUTINACA until after use.

ADB-BUTINACA was also reported in the DEA Tox Report (2021 Q4) in a sample submitted from Kentucky.

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