3-Chloro-PCP [3-Cl-PCP]

3-Chloro-PCP (3′-Cl-PCP) is a recreational designer drug from the arylcyclohexylamine family, with dissociative effects. It has comparable potency to phencyclidine but with a slightly different effects profile, being somewhat more potent as an NMDA antagonist but around the same potency as a dopamine reuptake inhibitor.

It was first identified in Slovenia in December 2020.

Per NDEWS Alert (Aug 2021): “there has been continued online interest in 3-Chloro-PCP since its first appearance in drug Subreddit discussion in May 2020. 3-Chloro-PCP (3′-Cl-PCP) is a dissociative NPS commonly abbreviated to “3-Cl-PCP” in drug Subreddits. Online mentions of the drug grew in Fall 2020, and counts have been sustained by new Reddit users each month of 2021. This continued online trend may signal emerging real-world interest in 3-Chloro-PCP and other designer dissociative drugs.”

It was made illegal in Hungary in April 2021.

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