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911 – Good Samaritan

  • §768.13 – Good Samaritan Act; immunity from civil liability.
  • §893.21 – Drug-related overdoses; medical assistance; immunity from prosecution.
  • §921.0026 – Mitigating circumstances – The defendant was making a good faith effort to obtain or provide medical assistance for an individual experiencing a drug-related overdose.


  • §381.887  – Emergency treatment for suspected opioid overdose.

Needle Exchange Programs

  • §381.0038  – Education; sterile needle and syringe exchange pilot program.

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

  • §39.01 – Definitions.
  • §39.201 – Mandatory reports of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect; mandatory reports of death; central abuse hotline.
  • Chapter 64D-3 – Health Care Practitioner Reporting Guidelines for Reportable Diseases and Conditions in Florida.

Pain Management

  • §456.037  – Business establishments; requirements for active status licenses; delinquency; discipline; applicability.
  • §456.44  – Controlled substance prescribing.
  • §458.3265  – Pain-management clinics registration – Medical Practice
  • §458.327  – Penalty for violations – Medical Practice
  • §459.013  – Penalty for violations – Osteopathic Medicine
  • §459.0137  – Pain-management clinics registration – Osteopathic Medicine
  • §765.1103 – Pain management and palliative care
  • §893.30  Controlled substance safety education and awareness.
  • Florida Medical Board Regulations 64B8-9.013 Standards for the Use of Controlled Substances for the Treatment of Pain.
  • Florida Osteopathic Board Regulations 64B15-14.005 Standards for the Use of Controlled Substances for Treatment of Pain.

Prescription Monitoring Program

  • §893.055 Prescription drug monitoring program.

Prescription Fraud & Doctor Shopping

  • §499.005  Prohibited acts – Medicinal Drugs
  • §499.0051  Criminal acts – Pedigree papers
  • §831.30  Medicinal drugs; fraud in obtaining
  • §831.311  Unlawful sale, manufacture, alteration, delivery, uttering, or possession of counterfeit-resistant prescription blanks for controlled substances.
  • §893.13  Prohibited acts; penalties.
  • §893.135  Trafficking; mandatory sentences; suspension or reduction of sentences; conspiracy to engage in trafficking.


  • §893.1495 – Retail sale of ephedrine and related compounds

Medical Examiner

Miscellaneous Others

  • §397.311 – Substance Abuse Services – Definitions
  • §627.64195 – Requirements for opioid coverage. (Insurance Rates and Contracts)
  • §943.031 – Florida Violent Crime and Drug Control Council


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